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The Importance of Energy Performance Certificates in Commercial Property


Although Energy Performance Certificates have been a requirement for some time, the importance of an adequate rating in commercial property has never been more crucial.

From April 2018, regulations have been implemented which makes it an offence to rent out a commercial premise, with a rating of F or G. If a landlord is caught doing so, a fine of up to £150,000.00 could be enforced.


It is therefore important to ensure that if you currently rent out a commercial property, you need to review your current Energy Performance Certificate, to ascertain whether it is above a F or G rating. If not, it is advised that you instruct an expert to inspect the property and recommend measures for improving the rating. Once these works are then carried out, a new Energy Performance Certificate can be prepared.


Often minor works are needed to increase the rating and these cost of this in comparison to a fine is therefore minimal. If large scale works are however required to improve the rating, finance can be available in some cases.


These regulations currently concern new or renewal tenancies. However, from 2023, it will be an offence to continue to rent out a property that has an Energy Performance rating that falls below an E, so it is recommended that the necessary works are implemented as soon as possible.


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