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Clinical Medical Negligence

Here at John Morse Solicitors, we specialise in clinical and medical negligence cases and can help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

Clinical negligence and medical negligence occurs when the care provided to a patient falls below the standard that is expected from that medical or nursing professional. As a result, harm or injury is caused to the patient.

If the treatment was treatment which no responsible body of medical/nursing practitioners should have provided, then it is likely to be a breach of the standard of care or a failing in the duty of care to the patient. If subsequent physical or psychological injury has been caused then the patient is entitled to compensation for the pain and suffering.

Have you suffered medical or clinical negligence? If so, let our specialist solicitors assist you. We are Law Society Accredited in clinical negligence and have over 18 years of experience helping clients in this area.

We understand that suffering as a result of medical negligence can leave you feeling isolated, vulnerable and sceptical of the medical or nursing profession. We are here to listen and empathise with you and what you have been through.

Listed below are examples of clinical negligence cases we can assist you with, which is by no means exhaustive.

Cancer Cases

Do you feel healthcare professionals failed to diagnose your cancer or could have spotted it sooner?

Cosmetic Surgery

Are you unhappy with the results of a private cosmetic procedure?

Accident and Emergency Claims

Have you been affected by long waiting times or feel your dignity has been compromised?

Hospital Negligence and Hospital Acquired Infections

Have you acquired MRSA or C-Diff as an inpatient at hospital?

GP Negligence

Do you feel that your GP has failed to refer you to a specialist doctor in a timely manner?

Spinal Injury Negligence

Do you believe that there was a delay in providing you with treatment that could have prevented your spinal injury?

Brain Damaged Baby Cases and Cerebral Palsy Cases

We have recovered millions for patients who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a result of neglect in the management of their birth. If this is you, a friend or someone you know, please contact our team for a free, no obligation discussion or meeting.

Orthopaedic Injuries

Including amputations through failures to monitor or treat infections.

Obstetric and Gynaecological Injury

Do you believe there was a failure in the care provided during your pregnancy or delivery? Have you or your baby suffered physical or psychological injury following a traumatic delivery? Could it have been prevented?

Pressure Sores

Have you developed pressure sores as a result of your hospital stay? Do you feel they could have been prevented or treated differently?

Care Homes and Neglect in Treatment of the Elderly and Vulnerable

Maintaining your dignity in later life is vital, do you feel that the care you are receiving is not acceptable?

Brain Injury

Brain injury can seriously affect your quality of life, do you feel your loved one’s brain injury was the result of substandard care or monitoring during surgery or treatment?

Dental Negligence

Have you experienced substandard dental treatment?

Nerve Injuries

Have you suffered as a result of an operation where the nerves have been severed through poor surgery resulting in permanent disability?

Surgery Negligence Leading to Complications

Surgery can sometimes result in complications – do you feel that you were incorrectly advised of the risks? Have you suffered permanent injury or undergone further operations which could have been avoided?

Coroner’s Inquests

Do you feel that a death of a loved one or friend could have been prevented? We can provide legal representation for the family of the deceased at a Coroner’s Inquest to assist in establishing the exact facts and cause of death.

Assistance with an NHS Complaint

If you would like us to write a letter of complaint concerning the care (or lack of care) received from a doctor or nurse then please contact us.