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Video Court Hearings Set To Be Trialled


Plans proposed by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) would mean that hearings could take place without attending Court. HMCTS have pledged to pilot court hearings through video.


HM Courts & Tribunals Service says video hearings will save people time and money spent travelling to court and waiting. People with health problems that make it difficult for them to attend court, will also benefit.


Members of the public and their lawyers would simply need a computer and a noble them to log into the hearing from a location of their choice, with the judge still sitting in the court room.

HMCTS have further pledged to pilot this new video scheme, whilst still upholding the majesty of the court room.


It is understood that the video hearings are to be piloted for tax appeals, as it is believed that appellants in such cases will be up to date with the required technology.


As such video hearings are still in proposal phase, any pilot hearings could be some way away and unlikely to be used for the majority of civil justice hearings.


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