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Legal eagle at Swansea-based John Morse Solicitors soars to new heights after conquering world’s longest mountain range

Michelle Valerio, solicitor and director of John Morse has successfully completed her most challenging conquest to date after returning from a mountain climb in Colombia.

Michelle Valerio

Michelle Valerio

The working mother of three is no stranger to the summit, and Michelle finds escapism from the stress of her high flying career through high altitude climbing.

Her recent excursion to South America saw Michelle complete her tour of the Andes mountain range following past climbs in neighbouring Bolivia and Ecuador.

Michelle’s passion for mountaineering began in 2006, where she accompanied her son on a school expedition to Everest base camp. Since then Michelle has taken on a number of mountain ranges across the globe, including Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus, with her son who started climbing at 14 years of age.

Colombia opened for climbing just two years ago, and the pair climbed in the Sierra Nevada Park National El Cocuy summiting Toti, Concavo and Rita Cuba Blanco, the highest mountain in the range at 5,410m.

“Each trip has been a journey of personal development and logistical challenge,” said Michelle, who believes that fitness enhances mental well-being and performance in the workplace.

“My climbs have enabled me to give something back to the wider community providing a great opportunity to raise money for charity.”