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Legal eagles urge warring couples to drop the DIY from divorce proceedings

After the recent market leadership dispute between the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and online divorce provider Quickie Divorce, Swansea-based John Morse Solicitors has spoken out about the rise of DIY divorces.

Andrew Sivertsen, Partner

Andrew Sivertsen, Partner

“Seeking appropriate legal advice is essential during divorce proceedings and the majority of online services offer utmost convenience but at what cost?” said Andrew Sivertsen, partner at John Morse Solicitors.

Many online divorce providers do not provide the same one-to-one, bespoke service for those looking to obtain a divorce and a financial settlement that is just. It appears that an individual’s pursuit of a quick and cheap divorce could just leave both parties out of pocket.

“Whilst how people access legal advice has changed dramatically in recent years, I would urge those seeking matrimonial advice to steer clear of DIY divorces to ensure all matters are considered in detail. Online divorce services don’t offer face-to-face meetings, and these are crucial when obtaining specialist support in this specialist area.”